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Interview with Bojan Velickovic, editor in Kragujevac, Serbia

Serbische FlaggeKragujevac is a central Serbian city 60 miles south of Belgrade. Its population is 210.000, of which about 11.000 are students. Bojan is a student of journalism at the Kragujevackog univerziteta. He enters his fourth year of academic studies and is about to revive the universitiy´s old student newspaper FAKK under the new name „Akademac“. I met with him in the city if Pécs to ask him about this pet project of his.


Bojan, what kind of newspaper are you going to found this year?

It is going to be called Akademac, in English the Academic. In this year´s September we will print it for the first time. It will be published twice a year with 48 pages in DIN A4 format and be distributed for free at the university.

There has been a student newspaper before at your university, which was closed. Is there something you could save over from that former paper?

Not really. The FAKK closed in 1990 because most of the contributors were nearing the end of their studies. So I had to virtually start from zero when I began looking for cooperation from the part of the university and assuring the finances that we need for the printing process. It was very difficult to find sponsors and advertising partners. I also had to run around and find a completely new team.

How many people does this team consist of and which faculties do your associates mostly come from?

There are two photographers that will work for the paper and one guy for the layout. About 10 students overall. At Kragujevackog univerziteta we have 11 different faculties. It was important to me that our team consists of students from as many different faculties as possible, because in this sense it would be easier to gather information from the whole university. I had to ask a lot of people – in the end some of my friends had to jump in to save the project.

How is the cooperation with the university? What percentage of your bankroll comes from the university?

It is quite good. They are providing us with a room. We do get a lot of acceptance and support from them. 60% of our money comes from the university and 40% from advertisement partners. Half of the budget is needed for the printing process.


What content do you have in mind for the newspaper?

The topics will be society, sports, cultural events, NGOs, politics, and fun. But in the centre of all of them will be the university. It revolves around student and university life. We will also have interviews with some famous people.

Serbian officials are not exactly known for their clean records. Are there scandals at your university every now and then that you could write about? Are you going to do some investigative journalism?

We recently had a scandal that will be covered in detail in the first issue. We had a case of bribery at our faculty of law. 18 teachers will be imprisoned for their involvement in taking money to let students pass their exams. The police was investigating and looked up all of the books - it´s a very clear case of corruption.

How are you going to cover the topic?

Of course I am going to write about the background of the case and about the problem of corruption in Serbia in general. We also had a poll among students to find out what they think about corruption. It´s going to be interesting to show the different opinions about the topic.

Aren´t you afraid if the university wants to cover up for the teachers and will be angry about your article? Maybe the fellow teachers will give you bad grades or aren´t there any left at the fac of law?

I am not afraid of the rector. And this case is clearly too big to cover it up. But even if they wanted to, we have the duty to write about this case that is obviously of interest to the students of our university. And especially to the students of the faculty of law who are affected by the results of the corruption scandal the most.


Thank you for giving the interview, Bojan. I wish you good luck with the start of your newspaper and with your further studies in the name of the BUZe-team.